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Tips for the Holiday Season
Decide how much you want to spend. Make a budget and a list of who will get presents - then stick to it.
Remember to include postage, wrapping, cards and decorations in the budget.
That way you will be less likey to be surprised and find that you've spent much more that you had planned.

Label, Label, Label
Label shelves, containers, drawers, etc. You will then always be able to know where to put something away and, more importantly, others who share your space will know where to put away something, A label can be words, pictures, or a color code. Clear  bins advertise their contents and may not need labels.

Keeping EVERYTHING makes NOTHING important
Think about what is truly important in your life and that will help you focus on what to keep and honor.
Lynn and The Organizng Lifeline are members of NAPO, the National Association of Professional Organizers.


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